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Cold storage cells and containers

Our cold storage rooms and refrigerated containers are often used for fresh and perishable products. It is important to keep your products fresh at all times! Mobicelverhuur provides mobile cold storage rooms and refrigerated containers that will keep it cool, 24/7 non-stop. We promise!

Are you looking for a high quality and flexible solution for your cold or frozen goods? Our cold storage rooms from are the ideal solution for every situation.

Why Mobicelverhuur?

When you notice that you have a shortage in cooling space, we can provide you a mobile cold storage cell or container. It doesn’t matter if you need a permanent one or a temporary one. We can provide you with the perfect solution!

We are specialized in renting out cold storage rooms and refrigerated containers and there are some good advantages to rent one from Mobicelverhuur. We have listed these advantages for you below:

  • Clear insights into your operation costs
  • We will take care of the maintenance
  • Simple rental agreements
  • Flexible lease terms
  • We are available 24/7, so we are always there for you during any possible disruptions

Our cold storage rooms

Freezer room and containers

A ready-to-use freezer room from Mobicelverhuur is ideal when you need temporary (extra) freezing capacity during events or parties. In addition, we offer you the best solution when your own freezer capacity suddenly fails or needs to be overhauled or when you are renovating. Renting a freezer room should be easy. That is why we use simple rental agreements, flexible lease terms and we always deliver the cell or container ready for operation so that you can use it immediately.



Our freezer rooms

About Mobicelverhuur

We specialize in mobile cold-, freezer- and tempering storage rooms and containers. We design and manufacture these ourselves, whereby it is possible to meet all your personal wishes. Due to the knowledge we have in-house we are able to offer a suitable solution at almost any location. We even manage the transport ourselves. Our 24/7 service is always there for you. We offer flexibility, quality and sustainability. We call it carefree renting.

Benefits cold storage rooms an freezers

Our cold storage rooms and freezers can be considered the ideal and movable solution to increase your cooling capacity. A number of features are highlighted below.

Anti-slip floor and hygienic

Our freezer and cold storage rooms are provided with a non-slip layer, so you can drive it safely and easily with a roller cart or pallet. In addition, our cells meet the HACCP standard and are easy to clean.


The freezer and cold store rooms are standard equipped with a light button that allows you to switch on the light from within.

Lockable door

The cold storage room is easy to open and lock with a tight door lock.

Sizes ranging from 7 to 26m3

Due to the small dimensions, our cold storage room and freezers are easy to install, even in hard-to-reach places.

100% waterproof

Our cells and containers are 100% waterproof, a rain shower or storm will not be a problem.

Energy efficient and quiet

Due to the optimal insulation thickness, you will not be bothered by noise, and in addition, little heat will come in from the outside, which means that the cold storage will remain economical.

24/7 service

The contents of a cold storage room and freezer must always be cooled and fresh, which is why Mobicelverhuur has its own maintenance service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to our many years of experience in refrigeration and electrical engineering business, we guarantee that all work on installing a cold store will be carried out professionally and that we are always available for any malfunctions. Whether in the morning, evening or the weekend.

Renting a cold room from Mobicelverhuur is therefore always carefree.

Flexiblelease terms

Simplerental agreements